SCORE Application

  • TT Punkt MM Punkt JJJJ
  • Choose which month suits you best to go on exchange. Make sure by reading the Exchange Conditions that your desired countries are available during that time.
  • You can find the fee in the exchange conditions ( For the difference between a unilateral or bilateral contract, check the swimsa website. In case you get a unilateral contract, you would pay 365CHF to swimsa plus this country-specific unilateral fee to your hosting country.
  • Basic English skills are required for any exchange, regardless of the country you choose. Your host country can assess your English level with a Skype interview.
  • Add the name and date of birth of the person
  • Placing students as a couple is not always possible. Sometimes, theres a big difference in points between two students who want to be placed together, in this case, the lower points are considered. Please chose how you want us to proceed if you cannot be placed together.
  • *if you attended a CP Event from the National Exchanges Team or get their confirmation
    Please select a maximum of 3 different activities.
    Please note that the General Assembly, EuRegMe and SRT mean international events. The DV/AD of swimsa or national meetings (other than the SMSC) do not count.
  • Documents

  • Akzeptierte Datentypen: pdf, Max. Dateigrösse: 10 MB.
    Filename [CV_NameSurname.pdf]
  • Akzeptierte Datentypen: pdf, Max. Dateigrösse: 10 MB.
    Language certificate for English (official language certificate, high school certificate, language center certificates, etc.), file name [language certificate_NameSurname.pdf].
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