Read me first!

The exchange dates are from April 2022 to March 2023.

** Due to the current COVID-19 situation, we would highly encourage you to submit your application before the end of May 2021. (Application periode stays open until June, 30st but the chance to get to your favorite country will be much higher as we are working on general contract-postponements!) **

Please pay attention to the following points:

  1. Have a look at the swimsa internal point system, the registration-procedure and the pre-exchange booklet here.
  2. Please mention your English level and the language level for the country of your first priority. It has to be relevant and demanded in the exchange conditions for the country you choose.
  3. The motivation letter will not be required anymore for this Registration Form 2021.
  4. Your CV [PDF] should cover the application and list all of your swimsa related and relevant activities.
  5. SRT (sub regional training) and GA (general assembly) mean the international events that are organized by the IFMSA, not by swimsa or a Fachschaft in Switzerland. Please be sure you attended before putting it in the form.

We want everyone to go on an exchange. The following countries are extremely popular in SCOPE and we don’t get many contracts with them. You can only select one of these countries as first priority, the other two countries cannot be from this list. You have to select 3 countries in total.

  • China | IFMSA-China
  • Canada | CFMS
  • Canada-Québec | IFMSA-Quebec
  • Colombia | ASCEMCOL
  • Costa Rica | ACEM
  • Denmark | IMCC
  • Dominican Republic | ODEM
  • Finland | FIMSIC
  • Grenada | IFMSA- Grenada
  • Iceland | IMSIC
  • India | MSAI
  • Japan | IFMSA-Japan
  • Jordan | IFMSA-Jo
  • Korea  | KMSA
  • Nepal | NMSS
  • Oman | Medical Students› Community
  • Singapore | SiMSA-International
  • Sweden | IFMSA- Sweden
  • Taiwan | FMS-Taiwan
  • United Kingdom | Students for Global Health

Warning: Australia, Canada CFMS, Canada Quebec and the United Kingdom are very difficult to make contracts with and some of these countries require a lot of expensive medical tests to get accepted by the hospital.

For Research Exchanges (SCORE) you can only choose European-countries as the second and third priority.

Make sure to have read and understood the exchange conditions (EC) of each country before applying, and check if they are available for the month you wish.If you have any questions or uncertainties, please don’t hesitate to turn to professional exchange and to for a research exchange.